And Now For Something Completely Different….

A new building, called the Box Office, went up down the street from my house this fall. It’s built entirely from recycled shipping containers, and has taken over an abandoned strip of land next between train tracks and a highway entrance. It’s designed to be super green and super affordable, which is cool in its own right, but what’s really cool is watching this time-lapse video of them putting it together. I got to see some snatches of it but seriously, when I went to work on Monday morning there was no building, and when I went home on Friday night it was pretty much built. Thanks to Jef at Greater City: Providence for sharing.

The Box Office isn’t the only cool way to use old shipping containers. I hear an interview on the radio with a woman who runs an organizaiton called Containers to Clinics, which “retrofits portable shipping containers into health clinics with high-quality equipment, medicines, and medical staff. The clinics are transported to underserved areas of the developing world to administer primary healthcare to women and children.” I love when recycling goes the next step, making something new from something old and abandoned.


2 responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different….

  1. So what are they using it for???

    I’ve seen a couple of shows on HGTV where they have turned containers like those into adorable houses!

  2. It’s green office space, at below market rate – will keep you posted about what opens there!

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