Sleep Well

When I was a kid, I loved the Dinosaur Hall at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. This long narrow room was packed full of exciting fossils and skeletons, and was both thrilling and terrifying. At the end of the room was a Tyrannosaurus Rex with his massive skull poised to take a big bite out of juicy little girls, backed by this equally terrifying mural. I used to have to duck into the room and immediately move to the side, as being directly in the sight-line of the T-rex was paralzyingly scary. As scientific understanding of dinosaurs improved, the mural was removed, leaving the still toothy but far less fear-inspiring skeleton standing flanked by the stegosaurus and apatosaurus.

I feel the same sense of fear and fun, scintilation and revulsion, at this child’s room decor, from 3 Murphys. Yes, it would be totally cool to have a Jurassic themed room and to have your bed be inside the jaws of the T-rex. But I wouldn’t sleep a wink.


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