They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

I am the proud owner of a vintage avocado green KitchenAid mixer that just may be older than me. My mom got it for me at an estate sale for $20, and it works great. It doesn’t do anything special or wild – just mixes – but I do have the beater, whisk and bread hook. (And let me tell you, it looks just lovely with our harvest gold formica counter top. Very vintage-ironic.) I used it this weekend to mix the cookies for my cookie swap at work, and was amazed as I always am at how amazing it is. I was talking to my mom about why things from that period in time seem to be made better, and she said that, during the 70s, there was a real concern about the economy, the environment, and the future, so people wanted things that would last. It’s left me wondering if our consumable/disposable lifestyle will shift significantly with this recession – we don’t want something cheap enough to replace, we want things that will last and function and not sit in the landfill. What do you think? Will this recession create a lasting change in how things are made?


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