No Sigh of Relief

So, the US Senate has finally got a bill addressing comprehensive health reform. But before you relax, take a look at what the bill contains – it’s a total clusterfuck of short-term thinking and special interest protections. Jane Hamsher has a great preliminary review of why this bill should be killed immediately. As she wisely states, “The Senate bill isn’t a “starter home,” it’s a sink hole. It needs to die so something else can take its place.”

Women and people who care about women’s health should check out, a website that looks at the disproportionate impact this bad bill will have on women’s access to health care. (And no, I don’t know how they define women, or why it’s focused on women vs. those who believe in reproductive justice.) They’ve put together the first video below – low production values but gets the message across. And below the jump, another video from the Young Invincibles about why young healthy folks should get involved with health care reform.

The bottom line is that time is of the essence, and in some cases, something is WORSE than nothing. So call your Senators – or better yet, find them in your district – and demand that we get a quality health care reform bill that makes sense to the people, not just Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, and drug and insurance companies.


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