I really love to garden and grow things, and thus am not such a big fan of cut flowers unless they’re from my garden. But the winter can be so cold and dark, and I long to see things grow. So every year I indulge myself by forcing some bulbs.

Paperwhite BulbsI picked up these little guys at my farmers market before Thanksgiving – they’re paperwhite bulbs. They bloom with amazingly fragrant flowers, but I’ve often had problems with them getting all floppy and leggy. But this year, armed with advice from 54 stitches, my favorite new blog (thanks, , I had a solution to the runaway growth. I nestled them in a glass vase full of beach rocks picked up around Rhode Island, poured in the water, and let them go. I add water (and a little alcohol) when the level gets low, but they’ve been pretty much green and temptingly budded for two weeks.

And then! The other day I was walking through the living room and caught an unmistakable whiff of paperwhite. They had bloomed! I’m so glad to end the year with a home of fresh flowers.


One response to “Indulgence

  1. I have never tried to do that with plants – but, I too miss seeing pretty flowers in my house!

    Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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