**UPDATE** Many independent knitting designers are donating 50% or more of their pattern sales to Haiti between now and the end of the month. If you are on Ravelry you can find them by clicking HERE. If not, do a web search. One of my favorite designers, Ysolda Teague, is donating a whopping 80% of her sales to Haiti. So give, buy, knit, heal. And regular posting is continuing below this post, which will remain until the end of the month.

Haiti is in major crisis. I can’t even bear to write about it, and I’m suffering from major abundance issues as Ellison and I prepare to do a kitchen renovation and plan a party and stuff while an untold number of people are dead and injured and a tremulous national infrastructure collapses.

So I’ve joined up the Yarn Harlot and joined Knitters Without Borders, where knitters around the world come together to support Doctors Without Borders. And I’ve joined as a monthly pledger, too, because I believe that good health is a right and not a privilege. I first gave to MSF after the tsunami, which is where this project came about.

Whether you’re a knitter or not, you can take the TSF Challenge. For one week…

1. Each and every time you think about buying something… ask yourself if it is a need (food, water, shelter, medicine or safety) or a want. Be honest. Yarn is not (sob) necessary. Lattes are not necessary. A seventh pair of shoes? Fabulous pair of new jeans? Eating out? Could you skip a haircut? Search yourself and ask, do I need this, or would the money be better spent on someone whose life hangs in the balance?

2. At the end of the week (or sooner…if you don’t need that much time to think about it) Donate the amount of money that you didn’t need to MSF. There should be no reason why every single person who reads this blog can’t find at least a dollar.

And join us to help make the world a better place for those in a need any blog reader cannot even imagine.


2 responses to “Haiti

  1. I’ve been meaning to set up an automatic donation for months.

    No more delaying, I’m joining you and setting it up right now! Thank you.

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