Queer the Census!

I know, I haven’t really written about my trip, but you know how the week after vacation is. Pelican RampageRemind me to tell you about the rampaging pelican.

In the meantime…you may have heard that the 2010 Census will be the first to recognize married same-sex couples as, well, married. But as they don’t record sexual orientation or gender identity, we’ll remain stuck with poor estimates of the LGBT population in the nation. Of course, no measure will ever be perfect, but census data is used to allot all sorts of Federal funds for public services. The data collected impacts issues critical to every American – like our health care, our economic stability, and even our safety. And when LGBT people aren’t counted, then we also don’t count when it comes to services, resources … you name it. So what can you do? Visit Queer the Census to sign a petition encouraging the Census to count LGBT people. And sign up for a sticker to seal your Census form envelope, providing them with unsolicited demographic info. There’s even a box for “straigh allies” to check. So demand to be counted!


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