The Road Less Traveled, Part 1

My old man likes to be right. And he HATES to admit he was wrong. So when we decided to go for a hike in the mountains, and he told me he absolutely positively no-questions-asked knew how to get to the Seven Falls trail head, I should have been skeptical. “It’s a left off the main trail”, he said. No problem.

First roadblock:

But it’s clear there are tons of people hiking the area – so we resolved to stick to the trail and see what we could see. We started up a very steep road-like trail, but because of the drought and the fire it was covered with loose dust and gravel, and we kept slipping down. My dad needed to take a break, so I decided to head up the hill and see what I could see. Here’s the view below and above me.

I made it to the top, barely, and found no continuing trail. Looked like a powerline maintenance trail. My spirits and energy sagged.

But no problem. We saw another trail a little ways back, so we headed back to that one. Much narrower, but as it was chipped into the rock face, it was pretty stable. Up we go.

And up.

And up.

Finally, my dad told me he needed to stop, but he was ok just resting here in the shade.

I went on a little ways, but the idea of my father slowly dehydrating in his poor excuse for shade made me turn back. We never did find the Seven Falls.


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