Sock It To Me

Warning: may be NSFW if your boss doesn’t have a sense of humor.

I was recently provided the opportunity to knit an interesting project: a “dick coozie”. I thought about the mechanics for a while, and decided that they way to go was to knit in two sections, and then connect them with a drawstring top. I had estimated specs on the unit to be accomodated, and also a model number. So this Saturday, I visited my Mister Sister Erotica, my local sex shop, to see if they could help. I have asked many questions of the proprietors and staff of sex shops, but thus far the strangest was, “Can I try out this hand-knit cock sock on your floor model, to see if it fits?” Devioune, the owner, was glad to oblige, and said it broke up the night for her a little. And I’m glad I sucked it up and [made Ellison] asked. While overall it looked great, there were some slight adjustments that needed to be made. I shortened and rounded the end, and while I don’t think I’ll go back to try it out again, I’m confident it will fit the intended recipient. Photos after the jump. It’s a quick knit, so if you want one for your very own, just message me. And if you *are* the intended recipient, I have a few more surprises in store so it won’t get mailed until the weekend. Sorry.

2 responses to “Sock It To Me

  1. I am curious. Was it designed as an themed cock coozie?

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