System Unstable

Yesterday morning I awoke to Ellison screaming, “Oh No! This is NOT GOOD! NOT GOOD at ALL!” It was raining in our basement. We thought, reasonably, that it was directly related to our new dishwasher installation, so we called the contractor. But no such luck – the leak was actually coming from somewhere in the second floor bathroom, running down through a wall column that also carries electrical wires, and flooding the basement. No, not good at all. Ellison called the plumber while I went to work – because we determined that, whatever was wrong, it would be good for me to remain gainfully employed – and spent the day dealing with cabinet demolition, cutting holes in the wall, and attempts at diagnosis.

Ultimately, they don’t know quite where the leak is, but the suggestion is that we replace the whole system now, as any patching, connecting, attaching, etc. can cause further system instability.

Remember how this started? We were just going to pop out the old dishwasher and pop in the new one. Then pop out the counter top, retile the backsplash, and get a new sink. Now, get at least one, maybe all new cabinets, a new plumbing system, and cut open our kitchen walls and ceiling. Fun. But it does offer an opportunity to step back and take some perspective. We have a home, we have the financial stability to weather this, um, adjustment in plans, we have jobs, we have loving friends who will understand why we may not be able to host a dinner for 30 when they’re here in February….


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