Phone Home

My basement is wrapped in plastic like the house in ET. There is a zippering plastic portal to the basement. All in an attempt to prevent mold from growing. I have both confidence and high hopes in the fire/flood mitigation company sent by my insurance company. Even though the project manager said, of the work crew, “They’re not my colleagues, they’re Puerto Ricans.”


5 responses to “Phone Home

  1. Sending lots of mold-free, building-trauma-free thoughts.

  2. I can’t believe a Project Manager would say that! That is just damn rude! If it had been me – I would have called my insurance company and asked them to recommend another company and told them what the Project Manager said about the men working there.

    That’s as bad as gays being dismissed as nothings…

    Then we wonder why there is so damn much hate for us as gays – it seems to go around to everybody, doesn’t it?

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