First Rule of Improv

The first rule of improv is to say “Yes” to every question. I’ve been trying it at work and while it’s led to lots of interesting projects, it’s also leading me to be tremendously overwhelmed with this short-turnaround project that’s really important and a great opportunity for me to show what I can do outside my job description. I’m happy with the opportunity but it’s impacting my blog time significantly. So here’s another video for you: a Schoolhouse Rock-style take on why the Prop 8 trial in California isn’t broadcast online. From Joe.My.God, “The message is that in world of live-blogging and Twitter, the words of bigots will be known. The video was made by HitRECord, which was founded by actor Joseph Gordon Levitt.”


2 responses to “First Rule of Improv

  1. Very very cool video.

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