Knitting Olympics

I am joining the Knitting Olympics, in which one must cast on a project when the Olympic torch is lit tonight, and complete it before the torch is extinguished on Sunday, February 28th.

One is expected to challenge oneself with their choice of project. I have chosen to go for the Snapdragon Flip Tops, by Ysolda Teague. While this might not always be a challenge to finish in a two week period, here are my additional hurdles:

I’ve got 6 houseguests this weekend;
My home is still in unbelievable disarray;
I’ve got a Federal grant due 2/26, which still needs lots of work, and
I need to fill Ellison’s and my taxes while she’s out of town 2/23-2/27.

So. Snapdragon it is. Fingers crossed for success.


2 responses to “Knitting Olympics

  1. On your mark. Get set. GO!

    And have a wonderful weekend.

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