When the Boy’s Away…

Every time Ellison goes out of town, I create a ridiculously long to-do list for myself and try to complete a bunch of household projects. So far pretty productive:
1. Finish and block socks – Check
2. Finish and block the mitts that are my Knitting Olympics project – Check
3. File taxes – here’s hoping the refund fairy brings me a front-load washer…. – Check
4. Treat bathroom mildew and repaint – Primed, and one coat. Waiting for coffee to brew before retackling.
5. Change bathroom switches and install outlet – on today’s list
6. Fix bathroom fan – Not yet- appears to be build into the drop ceiling, maybe. Will require further investigation.
7. Start 100 Pushups – Check. At this rate none of my shirts will fit.

Ellison comes back tonight – and I *think* I can get through it all….

2 responses to “When the Boy’s Away…

  1. bwahaha. i just posted on FB about 100 pushups. i did my initial trial. rather, my initial pushup. fuck.

  2. Hey, Ellison set her fitness goal as being able to do one pushup, and it took her ages to get to that first one. But now she’s up to 10. You can do it! And, um, househunting? We need to talk.

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