Tree Hater

Meet my gardening nemesis:
The Tree that Kills My Garden
Don’t get me wrong – I like trees as much as the next guy, and I believe in urban tree canopies. But this puppy makes my veggie garden a nightmare. This is the 3ft x 6ft raised bed I have in my back yard, which I just turned over yesterday:
My Backyard Raised Bed

I know, turning over the bed releases soil-bound carbon into the air, increasing my garden’s carbon footprint. But this is the pile of roots I pulled out of the bed, and I didn’t even get close to getting them all:

Mound of roots

Why yes, I do garden in 15 year old Fluevogs.

On the plus side, because I have to turn it over so regularly my soil is well mixed and well aerated, and the worms are as happy about spring as I am!


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