Be Counted

Hey, Americans! It’s Census Time! I love the Census, and think they do a great job trying to be accessible and count everyone. Aside from that whole Negro issue, they’ve started to get away from an outdated American family concept based on related, single-race people living together in a family structure with a single Head of Household. And by filling out yours and mailing it back, you can help to paint a more accurate picture of what this country looks like.

According to an NPR story yesterday, “[Census Director Robert] Groves says every 1 percent of taxpayers who respond by mail saves $85 million in government spending”, because less time and money has to be spent to count them. And now, you can check return rates in your community, in slightly less than real time. Remember, the Census determines how funds are spent (as a grant writer, I use census data all the time), how investments are made in communities, and perhaps most importantly, guides congressional redistricting.

Don’t just listen to me; listen to George Takei and Brad Altman. And mail it back!


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