A Big Fucking Deal, hold the fucking…

My pleasure at having finally passed a health care reform bill is highly measured, not least because of the ultimate result of eliminating both public and private insurance coverage for abortion services. So I finally figured out what to do. I gave $104 – $2/week, or one cup of coffee I can surely afford to go without – to the Women’s Health and Education Fund, a fund to help local low-income Rhode Island women who choose abortion or contraceptive care but cannot afford the cost. There might be a fund near you, so consider giving what you can. The National Network of Abortion Funds has a map of member funds around the nation, and you can always support your local Planned Parenthood. And please get involved in the political side, too -the only way we change the horrible status quo is by electing more pro-choice elected officials. Getting involved with EMILY’s List, which helps elect pro-choice women Democrats at all levels of government, is a great way to start. As Shark-Fu so elegantly puts it, “The best defense is a “holy shit, where did all these pro-choice voters come from?!?” offense.”

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