Help Wanted

One WayEllison has accepted a campaign manager position, and will be AWOL all summer. It’s a great opportunity, I’m tremendously proud, but I’m sad to be a campaign widow. I’m looking for someone to pay attention to and have fun with me.

Wanted: Summer Boyfriend*

I am looking for a short-term, no-commitment individual to keep me company and take care of me, without getting in my way, while my primary partner is busy working around the clock. Applicants must like afternoon ocean swims, hikes, giving back massages, and watching blockbuster shoot-em-up movies at the second run theater. A flair for personal service, an appreciation of snarky humor, and a love of handknits are strongly desirable. Ideal candidates will be low maintenance, entertaining, self-directed, and kindhearted without being Pollyanna. Ability to demonstrate convincing interest in my garden and assorted craft endeavors a strong plus. Queer identity and passable ability to cook a must. Applicants should expect to schedule a weekly evening phone/skype date, and approximately one weekend per month.

Position available through Tuesday, September 14th, with potential extension through Tuesday, November 2nd. Compensation negotiable. Applicants are asked to submit a personal statement of interest (may be written, sung, interpretive dance, comic strip, or other format that highlights your unique attributes) as well as three personal references. Applicants may submit through the “contact” page if you don’t know another way to reach me.

*Gender and title unimportant. All qualified applicants will be considered.


6 responses to “Help Wanted

  1. Ah, if only I lived closer.

    • It’s only one weekend a month. You would be a perfect summer boyfriend, and I *know* you would both fondle and ogle my knitting 🙂

      • One weekend a month? Hmm. Maybe we could work it out!

        We will be in Boston for Lady GaGa on July 2 (god help me!). I’ve already lobbied for extending the trip to RI to see my girlfriends.

      • Have fun with that crazy lady. I hope you *can* come visit. Maybe you’ll even get to meet Ellison in passing.

  2. Jenn, I would love to apply! Please let me know what is a good email to tender my application and supporting materials.

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