Pushups Progressing

I’m doing the Hundred Push Ups Challenge. It’s a 6 week training program to get from wherever you are to doing 100 consecutive push ups. I did my initial exhaustion test on February 27th, and could do 28 consecutive push ups. I started the program a couple of days later. So I’m 8 weeks in, and half way through “week 6” of the training program – I repeat workouts when I can’t make them – and my last workout, I did 63 push ups in my last set. I’m liking the way I look and feel – I’ve been surprised at how much strength I’m building in my stomach and back, and my armvanity is being well-fed by the process. But 100 still feels ages away.
Worry not, though. I’ll make it. Ellison has promised me a water bottle when I get it done.


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