I had a great weekend of sunshine, hiking, gardening, and RI Wool and Fiber – will post photos from my adventures throughout the week.

But the highlight of the weekend happened at the Wool and Fiber Festival. K went with the goal of spending no money, being a new homeowner and all. And I think she stuck to it, too. Impressive. I stuck to my budget but bought some lovely and irresistible silk-alpaca blends and two skeins of yarn with the same color scheme from two different vendors to make something for my mom. But after we checked out the booths, ate our lunch, and of course did not drink alcoholic beverages wrapped in gingham napkins – because who would do a thing like that? – we went to check out the kids craft booth and make something fun to take home. They had a needle felting station, where kids were making mice, sheep, and various hairbally things. K sat down and started picking through the bin with a mission. She found some curly gray locks, and some light brown, and started going to town. needle felting ann boleyn Needle felting not being in my craft spectrum, I sat and watched as a little head started to form. “What are you making?”, I asked. “Ann Boleyn,” K replied.

My friends are the best.


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