Number 19 Redux

Number 19 and I spent a good part of the weekend together. I prepped the soil on Friday (we got a really shell-y compost mix that keeps the vermin out, but also makes it hard to work the dirt), bought a bunch of plants at the SCLT plant sale on Saturday, and put them in on Sunday. And Ellison brought my sign down on Sunday too, so I’ll have an updated photo next week.
#19 has Amish Paste, Yellow Plum, and Paul Robeson tomatoes; Early Wonder beets; 3 varieties of hot peppers; Black Beauty eggplant; a zucchini plant; two pickling cukes; three types of basil; sage; Kentucky Wonder pole beans; and is waiting for the moon and stars watermelon, which I think I’ll plant this weekend.

The backyard has Super Sweet 1000 cherry tomatoes; hot and sweet peppers; three types of lettuce; two types of green beans; peas; cilantro; genovese and sweet basil; and curly parsley (and I think something else but I can’t remember right now).

I’ve abandoned cantaloupe – it was delicious, but the growing season is just a bit too long for our area. I’m trying beets, which are new to me, and we’ll see how it goes. I’ve got a little more space and one of my fellow garden educators is lobbying me to try carrots…but we’ll see.

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