It’s Not For Everybody

It’s funny ’cause it’s true:

Ellison and I are supposed to go to the Grand Canyon in November as part of our 10th anniversary celebration, but this horrific law – and other examples of racism andtwisted legal reasoning by Arizona legislators – make it clear that we’ll have to make other arrangements. For a great list of Arizona-based businesses that you might not want to send your money to, check out Denver-based Padres & Jovenes Unidos and their comprehensive list (sorry, Coldstone Creamery lovers, but I always knew there was something icky about them). Any ideas for places to go in November that provide a mix of urban tourism and active hiking?

**update** Found this in my feed reader today, from Guanabee via Feministing. I’m a little behind.

(h/t to Racewire for the link.)


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