This week is my last letterpress class. Instead of using my course materials to do a throwaway project, I started working on the invites for our anniversary party this fall. First, I decided on the text. Then, I used my superfantastic design skills to put together something that made me really happy. It took me approximately forever because (a) I’m not a graphic designer and (2) I don’t have any fancypants computer graphic programs, so I had to find clip-art that wouldn’t pixilate and looked nice. Then, I emailed my file to a graphic studio that made a film of my art. In class, I learned to make a photopolymer plate, which is used instead of set type to print a document. I had some drama with developing my plate, if I was more superstitious it might have been an issue, but third time’s the charm, right?

Because it’s a group class, we had to figure out a mutually agreeable ink color – so I don’t want to show off the printing just yet because we picked a transparent blue that looks a little weird in the invite. But I’m both happy with how it looks and proud of myself for pulling it together.


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