Don’t Worry, I’m Boring Myself

It’s my 2nd blogiversary, and I’m sorry. I know I’ve been getting all emo here on the blog, which is ironic since this was my first post.

Missing an apostrophe and I'm posting anyway.

Believe me, if you were around it in real life, it would be so much more annoying.  I much prefer when my feelings remained locked in a treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean, but life doesn’t seem to be allowing for that to happen right now. I’ve busted out Unwound, Team Dresch, Big Black, Fugazi, the Butchies, Mudhoney, Social Distortion, Bratmobile, and an assortment of other winners these last couple of weeks – fortunately for my sanity I owned a lot of stuff on vinyl, so it’s only halfway decent stuff that I bothered to replace on CD. Fortunately I have a local pal who is happy to join me on this weird teenage resurgence I’m having. We went to the beach in the middle of the night last week, and sat and listened to the waves while drinking a beer and smoking cloves, then listened to Bikini Kill all the way home.

While we were sitting on the beach – which is technically open until midnight – a guy came around at about 10:45 saying they had to lock up the gates. Then he told us that we shouldn’t be drinking on the beach, and to finish it up and hit the road. Then he asked if we were smoking “a marijuana”. And we made a list of things that are different for us in our teen years vs. today. I’ve since expanded upon it.

16 2×16
Bring a 24-pack or keg to the beach Bring 1 beer apiece
Pick a fight about leaving early Wonder if the guy has to get home to his kids
Stay until the last possible moment, then drive like an asshole to make it in time for curfew Worry that your partner is getting worried that you’ll be home “in the middle of the night”, AKA after 11
Open all the windows and blast the music Open all the windows and blast the music, then worry about waking people up since it is the middle of the night
Listen to the most aggro, irritating music you can, and look down on those who don’t see how 5 minutes of feedback is a commentary on consumer culture Get a headache after 2 minutes of thrash metal
Numb out Tap in
Walk around with a huge chip on your shoulder, feeling perpetually pissed off at how fucked up the world is and how no one cares Find amazing gratitude for the good in this incredibly fucked up world, and seek to create more.

What were you like when you were a kid? How are you different? What do you miss, and what don’t you?


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