Be Nice to Jenn Day

You may not be aware but tomorrow (Friday) is my favorite holiday: Be Nice To Jenn Day. It’s usually when I could use a little extra love and attention and since my first week post Month ‘o Travel has been 7 kinds of WTF, now is a very auspicious time for Be Nice to Jenn Day to fall. Since it’s intermittently and irregularly scheduled it’s hard to predict and plan your celebration. To assist, I prepare an agenda of items that should happen. Feel free to add your own.

Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Be Nice to Jenn Day:
Leave a nice comment on my blog
Send me a message about something you like about me
Iron my dress shirts
Tell me a good story
Mail me something
Wear a good outfit and send me a photo
Plant something and tell me about it
Make me a present
Eat some really good cheese and describe it to me in detail
Leave me a singing voice mail
Come swim in the ocean with me
Make a plan to do something fun with me in the next month
Go to the movies with me
Let me know you’re thinking about me
Read a good book
Take a bath
Paint your toenails
Do something you really enjoy and tell me what it is and what you love about it


3 responses to “Be Nice to Jenn Day

  1. I choose numbers 1, 2 and 4 and I’m celebrating a little early.

    1. & 2. I love reading your blog. I love hearing about all the little bits of things you are up to and feeling like I get a glimpse of your life even though I’m far away. Your sense of humor is delicious. It is and always has been one of my favorite things about you. I miss you and I love you and you are awesome.

    4. I want to tell you about a little bit of awesome that happened to my friend Kori today. Kori has taken on a painting project called 1000 Idols (here: ). She is painting an idol a day til she reaches 1000 and has so far picked some of my very favorite people (and Kermit!) to paint. Today she chose the wonderful and amazing Kate Bornstein (here: ). That would be cool enough, but Auntie Kate found out about the painting and COMMENTED ON KORI’S BLOG. For reals. And not just “Aw, thanks,” – several wonderful paragraphs of commented. How cool is that? Kori has been floating on air all day. It just makes me so happy when awesome people doing awesome things get recognized and supported by other awesome people doing awesome things. And I think that counts as a pretty good story.

    Happy Be Nice To Jenn Day!

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