This weekend is the second class in the 3-part Beginning Gardener’s Series I’m helping to design and teach this summer with the Southside Community Land Trust, one of my favorite organizations in Providence. We’ll be covering watering, weeding, fertilizing/feeding, and harvesting. Here are 3 tips for a healthy garden all season long:

Weed a little bit every day. Weeds soak up the same nutrients your veggies want, and they grow way faster. Don’t wait until you have too many to deal with.

Water slow and deep, in the morning and in the evening. Let the water have time to soak in. One of the guys in my workshop group says imagine you are drinking the water – if all the water you have all day gets poured down your throat all at once, you’re going to choke and spit it out and be thirsty again in a few minutes – but if you have time to soak it up slowly, you won’t be so thirsty.

Harvest your veggies at the coolest part of the day – early morning or dusk. The plants will be better able to handle the stress. Wash your veggies immediately in cool water and they will last at least 3 days longer than if you didn’t. No one seems to know why but I’ve been trying it out and it’s true.

Here’s what came from Number 19 this morning. My tomatoes are going crazy and just starting to ripen. Beans are going like mad. Beets will be ready next week. Eggplants have flowers. Hot peppers going strong. My vines, on the other hand, seem to have some sort of bug – so that might be it for zucchini this year. Will keep you posted…



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