I’ve been sorely neglecting my blog, largely because I’ve been spending my time enjoying a bizarre late September spate of beautiful weather, planting my fall veggies, and talking to actual live humans. And cooking – Gasp! It took me 5 months of fending for myself to remember that I actually enjoy cooking, and am not bad at it. And it’s super fun to cook up food that I’ve grown. But I’m trying to be more attentive all around – I’ve been neglecting my pen pals, my blog, my home, and a whole set of projects that I’d like to get out of the way. So more regularity, maybe. Sticking with the Monday/Thursday for the time being, though, as I just don’t find I have that much to say. I’m working on cultivating grace and gratitude, and that just sounds like an incredibly boring blog.

And a little belated birthday love to a fellow blog-neglecter who I adore, and who hit a big milestone last week. She was kind enough to invite Ellison and me to join her on a birthday sojourn this weekend, and it was a real treat.


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