33 and counting…

So my birthday was Saturday. I’m really into my birthday – it’s a lot like Be Nice to Jenn Day, in that I take a time out from making sure everyone else is ok to make sure that I am. And for some reason 33 felt like an important one, maybe because my 30th got swallowed up in a special election. But I like 3s, and it adds up to 6, and only has prime divisors, and my life keeps getting better with each passing year. And also, Ellison has been so busy the past 6 months that I really feel like I need to advocate for discrete moments of attention. So I pulled in extra backup to make sure that I got what I wanted, and didn’t have to deal with the stuff I didn’t want to. Lots of good stuff happened, but I think my favorite was that Ellison & I had breakfast in bed delivered to us on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We often have breakfast in bed, but one of us (usually Ellison) has to cook it, which means the other (usually me) has to eat half of it alone, or have a cold breakfast. Special delivery with five star service and hotel-style check-off menus was super fun.

The universe also seemed to be on my side – Saturday was a gorgeous day for exploring Napatree Point, one of my favorite beaches. I walk the beach a lot on both the bay and the ocean sides, but the remains of a nor’easter meant that the bay was choppy and the ocean smooth like glass, the exact opposite of the usual conditions. And I’d never really explored the paths between the dunes, so the remains of a strange concrete building with many small rooms, alcoves, and openings was totally new to me. Turns out it’s the remains of Fort Mansfield, a military installation to protect Long Island Sound (from what, I’m not sure), and the road to it, barracks, and a whole slew of summer homes were washed away in a hurricane over a hundred years ago. Also turns out the Westerly Public Library has diagrams of the fort and the tunnels under it. New rubber boots are already in my future; I think a trip to the library and a headlamp adventure are in my future too….


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