Ellison and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary next month with a party for our friends and family. And so we’ve both been faced with the big question: What are you going to wear? I decided what I really wanted was a men’s suit tailored to fit me. Not a “man-tailored” women’s suit – they’re always designed to be super feminine, which I’m not. Really, I want a men’s suit that doesn’t make me look like I got dressed out of my dad’s closet. Women’s suits are too tight in the shoulders, too short in the sleeves, and have dumb pants pockets and rarely belt loops. Men’s suits are too big in the waist, too long in the sleeve and body, and it’s hard to find a suit with a broad enough jacket and small enough pants. And believe me, I’ve looked.

So I undertook extensive research and picked the brains of dapper friends and fashion mavens to get a sense of what I wanted and to find a butch-friendly men’s clothier. I got a lot of bad local reports, but one name kept coming up in decent proximity: My.Suit in New York. So this weekend K and I are taking a day trip to New York for fun, frivolity, and measurement (and for one of us, a day of kid freedom). Wish me luck!


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