Dangerous Mammals

This weekend we kicked off Ellison’s birthday early with a trip to Portland to see the Dangerous Mammals tour, a spoken word show by S. Bear Bergman and Ivan E. Coyote. Dangerous mammals, get it? I brought my tiger head in case of attack… I’m a big lover of oral story telling, and Bear’s Jewish roots and Ivan’s Irish/Yukon background come together to bring you in to very different, but tremendously complementary wordscapes. They are both tremendously talented, and you should go see them tonight in Boston at Simmons College, or as they make their way down to New York and Philly later this week.

We also got to hang out with my favorite queer radical comic artist, including a glimpse of her studio where the magic of Salacious Magazine is happening. Portland is one of my favorite small cities, and despite a raw wind off the Casco Bay it was fun to walk around, poke our heads into shops, and sip delicious hot beverages.

Once again I’m reminded that my life and my community are amazing. This week is a little bonkers – Ellison and I are putting the final touches (we hope) on our 10th anniversary party in a little under 2 weeks, and my parents are coming to see me accept an award for queer social change and civic engagement. And Friday is Ellison’s birthday, so who knows what sort of shenanigans that might bring. We take fun VERY seriously at our house.


2 responses to “Dangerous Mammals

  1. I miss Portland, I was an art fag there for a little while.

  2. Bear and Ivan have a lot to offer.

    Go see them and tell them i sent you.

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