Last week I was appalled to find out that Ellison had no idea who Glenn Beck was. It is unusual for me to provide formal assignments, but this was so frightening I told Ellison to reasearch Glenn Beck and write me a 1 page, single spaced essay on why he is relevant. This is what I got. Please note that Ellison included both Masters’ Degrees in an essay that misspells the name of the subject and has inappropriate punctuation and capitalization in the first line:

Why Glen Beck is relevant?
By Ellison, MSW, MPH

Glen Beck is relevant because people are stupid.

People are having a hard time right now and Glen Beck likes to tell stories about why this is, and how it is other people that are causing all of the problems. And people like to hear that because then it is not their fault.

He is the face of the tea party. People like the tea party because it is anti-tax and is about resisting. In today’s day and age people have prolonged adolescences and therefore this idea of resisting authority feels very relevant.

I believe he is also relevant because he is not perfect and had his own struggles with drugs, alcohol and divorce. This makes it easier for people to relate to him.

Beyond these reasons, I can’t begin to figure out why he is relevant. To me he is nothing but a shameless, self promoting dirtbag, who lacks insight, commitment to fact, and frankly, common decency.


2 responses to “Research

  1. 🙂
    That was the best essay I have read today.

  2. OMG this might be THE most brilliant thing LSN has ever written.

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