Last night was the last night of Chanukkah. I spent it making a new tablecloth for our annual Chanukkah open house, which is Saturday. Yes, we know Chanukkah is over. But trying to do it the weekend after returning from our trip was INSANE.

Anyway, I have a fabulous vintage Viking Husqvarna sewing machine that I adore, but it needs about $200 worth of work to whip it into shape. So last year I came across an new Brother machine at a yard sale for $40, and brought it home. We’ve been struggling to find a tablecloth we like, but with the party being this weekend, the time for dilly dallying was rapidly disappearing, so I bought this abstract leaf pattern canvas at IKEA, but on a gray background:

Just cut to size, double folded the edges, and did a zig-zag seam 5/8 inches from each edge, then overstitched an inch in from the edge all the way around. Because I was getting used to the machine, the zig-zag stitching is far less than perfect, but in this case the perfect is DEFINITELY the enemy of the good. It’s in the washer now, then a good solid iron and it’ll be way better than anything we’ve had in past years. And it will match our new couch…more on that in a later post.

I’m also working on some holiday crafts but won’t post those here yet just in case any readers are also future recipients…


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