Happiest of birthdays to my darling sister, even though she’s in California while I’m under a giant snow bank. Not that I’m complaining – I love the snow, and I got a snow day from work yesterday and get to work from home today. I’m planning to build a snow creature on my lunch break, while fresh bread bakes. And Ellison and I decided we needed some warm weather in the near future, so we’ve ditched our plan for an unscripted driving adventure down the east coast in March, in favor of a semi-scripted trip in south Florida. Thanks, Southwest Sale!

I post, for your viewing enjoyment, a Top Gun that gets at the real subtext. But first, a personal aside. When I was very small, I had two idols, both drawn from TV: Schneider, the affable handyman from One Day at a Time, and Kate Jackson in Charlie’s Angels – she’s the middle one.

I desperately wanted my hair feathered, and my mom always said no, it’s too sexy and too high maintenance for a kid.

Then I saw Top Gun. And I really, Really, REALLY wanted an Ice Man flat top.

Suddenly, mom was the biggest proponent of hair feathering you’ve ever met. A dynamic that continues to this very day.

Now, without further ado, the Top Gun you always knew was hiding in there:


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