Exuberant Living

I am drawing inspiration from this quote posted by Susan, the Juniper Moon Farm shepherd: “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.”

– Martha Washington

I have a life philosophy I call Exuberant Living, which means choosing to make the most out of each day. It’s a selective decision to highlight the fun, the positive, the worthwhile. And it’s not a Pollyanna stupid approach, but instead a decision to be future oriented, to take the lessons provided by the good and bad to build a better tomorrow. For me it means being self aware, attuned to my own needs, but also choosing to try new things, staying connected to my community, and making room for plenty of fun. It’s a choice to say “yes” when I can, and to be on the lookout for a good story in a bad situation, or even a mundane situation. It means being up for whatever, learning from my mistakes, and, yes, sucking it up. It’s important to me to be someone other people enjoy being around, but even more, it’s important to me to be someone *I* want to be around.

This is not to say that everything is always awesome, or that I don’t have bad days where I want to stab everyone around me in the eye with a rusty butter knife (I’m a work in progress, people). But I do try to be appreciative of the many gifts I have, the amazing life I lead, and the phenomenal people in it. I’ve got a pretty good ride this time around, and I want to stay connected to it.

What do you do when you’re having a bad day? How do you ask for help and support when you need it? What helps you connect to the good in your life?


2 responses to “Exuberant Living

  1. FYI, if you are interested in checking out the blog of the shephard[ess]/artist who sheared & dyed your yarn & wool (the mother of a college friend of mine): http://dancingleaffarm.blogspot.com/

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