Twice Weekly Navel Gazing

I had a lovely conversation yesterday with a lovely lady about just what it is I do here on this little blog, which I described as twice-weekly navel gazing. It’s an opportunity for me to brag about my garden in the summer and my knitting in the winter. It’s a place for me to put to bed ideas that I’ve been turning over for a while. But mostly it’s a little self-indulgent location for me to pretend that people actually want to read about what I’m thinking.

I’ve had less to share of late because I’ve not been out walking around so much. I was going to get a photo of something I like near my work on my lunch break yesterday, but by then it was already snowing so hard I couldn’t get a good picture. So here are some old ones:
A smokestack I love on a reclaimed live-work building near my house
Plant Smokestack

A birthday cake I made this summer:
Poppy's cake 2010

A gorgeous hardy hibiscus that convinced me to find one for my yard:
Hardy Hibiscus

Bobo the Snow Walrus, with icicle tusks:


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