If I was an oyster, this would all make a beautiful pearl.

Yesterday was a hard day in a hard week in a hard month. Marriage equality hearings bring out the nutters on both sides, and my history as a gay-for-pay has left some difficult relationships with folks. If you looked at me you’d see a mild mannered dude in a suit, knitting rapidly. But inside my head I’m the Hulk, going on some crazy rampage with a silver Sharpie and a folding chair. I took a time out in the middle of the day to do a couple runs down a sledding hill, which was super fun. I’ve never been sledding in a suit before, but a new friend made the delightful delicious suggestion a week ago, and I hadn’t gone yet. So, finished my virtual lunch with M/W, wasn’t yet ready to go back to work, and went out to live exuberantly. I got back to work with damp cuffs and snow in my boots, but it was altogether delightful.

And I realized it was time for my favorite holiday of the year: Be Nice to Jenn Day. Tomorrow. Get ready.

If you need suggestions, you can:
Send me snail mail;
Tell me a story;
Be friendly to a houseplant;
Go for a swim;
Send me a picture of something you’re enjoying;
Make me a valentine;
Wear fun socks and send me a picture;
Tell me 5 things you like about me;
Do something you really enjoy and tell me about it;
Go for an adventure;
Plan a future adventure with me;
Try something new you’ve been meaning to try;
Live exuberantly!



3 responses to “If I was an oyster, this would all make a beautiful pearl.

  1. So, you want me to send you a picture of my penis? That seems a bit weird.

  2. I’ve been too distracted by the #craftybeaver, no time for photo shoots.

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