The Greening of Things

It has been quite a week in my fair city, with outstanding labor news at every turn. I’ve been sick for what feels like forever. And many of the people I love are struggling with changes being dished up this season. This time of year, every year, I’m just about to lose it when – lo and behold! – a whiff of spring appears and makes me feel better about my lot in life. Yesterday, I got home from work and the snow that’s been encasing my raised bed had finally melted away. I wanted to see how my hardy greens were faring after months under a snow bank (not so bad, is the answer, there may be fresh kale and spinach soon!). And then I saw the first results of my garlic experiment peeking through the mulch. The first new growth of 2011, just starting to show its head.
Of course it’s freezing again today, and there’s ever worsening news on the municipal front, but seeing these little green sprouts helps me keep both hope and perspective. Thost two things that seem in short supply around here right now.


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