Spring Forward

This weekend was the start of daylight savings time, and the start of our community garden season. We had an initial planning meeting with all the returning gardeners and a bunch of new folks to set some expectations, share our positive impressions, and provide feedback for improvement. We got some updates on a major expansion planned for late spring. And I got fired up to go visit Number 19, my seasonal garden love.

Well, hello, hot stuff. You're looking fertile.

I hadn’t been to see her since late October, so it was good to see that she’s weathered the winter well, and appears to be in good health. Her soil is dark and rich, and she’s even got a sage plant that appears to be returning. My sign survived the winter, and none of my plant supports walked away.

The soil is still just a little too cold for me to feel good about planting peas – I’ll wait a week – but I’ve got hardy greens growing in the backyard, and the garlic keeps going strong. I love seeing things come back to life this time of year.


3 responses to “Spring Forward

  1. I was thinking of doing some container plants on my fire escape this year. Any advice for a newbie gardener?

    • I never thought I’d see the day you turned into a dirty hippie farmer. But of course I have advice. Food or flowers?

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