Over the last year I began to realize that I had some old memories in my body that have been getting in the way of who and how I want to be. I’ve started a new form of bodywork called Rosen Method. It’s touch-based, but it’s distinguished by “hands that listen” – more of a sensing of energy flowing through my body than manipulation of massage. Yesterday was my second session, and I think it’s going to do great things for me. It helps that my practitioner is a magical person, and just being in her presence helps to heal the hurts in my spirit.

When I got home, Ellison and I went on a walk to visit the community garden and see my bed, whom I will continue to call Number 19. My peas are starting to come up! Nothing makes me happier than seeing things grow.
Pea Seedlings This weekend we’re going to Pittsburgh for the wedding of the youngest members of our chosen family, and I’m hoping when I return my carrots and beets will be up as well.


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