100 Queer Guys

A while back a friend posted a request for photos for a series he’s doing called “Men Like That: 100 Queer Guys”.Ellison asked if non-men guys could be included, and was invited to submit photos. The other day he posted this photo on Facebook and I’ve never seen Ellison so excited in my life. And this wall of queer guy portraits makes me super happy.


Some of 100 queer guys....

It’s hard to tell who is whom so here’s an inset with Ellison outlined. I love the photo the painting was drawn from, I loved the trip it was taken during, I love the painting, and I love seeing Ellison be so proud of being included in a project.

The paintings are part of a show called QUEER FROM ZERO TO ONE HUNDRED, which is opening June 21st from 6-9 at the TNC Gallery, 155 First Ave, in NYC. You should go.


One response to “100 Queer Guys

  1. I also like the haircut I had when we took this photo, and also how we found the treat. Good all around. I wonder if I am going to get to see the show.

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