Where ya been?


This is what my “yard” has looked like since Ellison and I moved in 8 years ago. This picture accurately reflects the patchy nature of the grass, but doesn’t show the unpleasant lumpy thatched texture of the grass covered surfaces. This year I decided enough was enough and enacted a backyard makeover plan. It’s been happening in stages: rototilling, regrading, building raised beds, all the while wrestling with my nemesis tree.

This weekend was supposed to be reserved for patio building, I even recruited extra boys to help with the process, but the weather had other plans. It was lovely to have a relaxing quiet weekend at home with fantastic company, but my project timeline is moved back significantly. I would say I’m about 30% done now – the majority of the walls are built, but the finish work on the walls, and the whole patio are yet to go. It’s a lot of work, but I’m really looking forward to having a back yard that I want to spend time in, and that is well suited for entertaining. Since we don’t let people in the house more than once a year, it will be nice to have somewhere to seat guests!


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