Backyard Habitat with your hostess, Patty O’Furniture

Finally done with my patio project. Here’s the story in pictures since I’m so sore it hurts to type.

The finished product, just an umbrella left to add. And maybe grass…. Below is the rest of the project as it went along.

This is my crummy yard before I started the project. I rented a rototiller back in May to start the transformation process.


After rototilling, a field of dust. The plan: reduce the area of grass by building stone raised beds, a patio, and finally (and still to be completed) increase the area of raised vegetable beds.


The walls are completed in June, and plants are growing in all of them.


Excavation and leveling of the patio area.


The vibratory plate compactor, which helps level and compact the area….until it stops working all together. It was a headache to get it back and forth but hopefully I got enough compacted before it failed that it won’t get too tippy.


Patio complete!



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