Feeling Justified

Hacked Version of Komen Banner

I’ve never been one to buy all the pink breast cancer awareness stuff – you know, the ubiquitous pink beribboned housewares that ostensibly funded breast cancer research. It always seemed silly to pay an extra $10 when only $.50 was actually going to the specified charities. And in wake of the large, public kerfluffle over the Komen Foundation cutting off Planned Parenthood’s funding, I’m feeling somewhat more self-satisfied than I like to admit in mixed company. (And I’ve also made a small but unrestricted donation to my local Planned Parenthood chapter, and signed up as a potential cancer research subject, because I felt like I should be doing something.) I’m appalled at the ways that political opposition to organizations providing certain legal, constitutionally protected, but controversial medical services (abortion and contraception) to women who are SEEKING THEM OUT, are used to justify pulling funding that will preclude other women from accessing other health services. Shame on Komen.


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