Ellison and I have a daily gratitude tradition that’s been coming up a lot lately. And since my home page has a tip on “How to Flex your Happiness Muscles”, now seems like a great time to write about our “Happies”. Every night before bed, we take a few moments to reflect on the things that made us happy during the day, and we end the day telling each other about our happies. We’ve both noticed not only that we end the day feeling more positively, but also that we notice more in the moment. That is, rather than just see a beautiful butterfly or shaft of sunlight break through the clouds, then disappear, we will take a moment to be consciously appreciative and to file it away for our happies that night. If we aren’t together, we do our happies over the phone or, as a last resort, with an email or a text message.

I’m going to Costa Rica for two weeks in the spring, and the schedule challenge of doing our happies is my biggest concern. We’ve agreed that we’ll do them via email, which seems a bit less connected, but also will provide a written record of our happies. I’m all for trying something new….but also look forward to climbing into bed with my sweetness and doing our happies together when I get back.


5 responses to “Happies

  1. Will you have a way to get mail there? Send daily postcards.

  2. Doing this has changed my life for the better. And so have you.

  3. Jane and I both loved this post. We are hoping to start this tradition and include Jack.

  4. Love this! This thing you’re doing is spin off of the Examen that Ignatius started centuries ago. I do it nightly with my lady. đŸ™‚

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