Eso es mi sombrero.

I’m so heat fried and full of Spanish vocabulary that I can’t even think of a title for this post. So that’s the first line of an essay I wrote in Spanish about my hat. It is blue. Pretty much I wake up at 6:30, eat some cereal and juice, walk on the beach, do my homework, go to class, eat lunch and write a postcard, do my afternoon practicum, study on the beach or in a hammock on our balcony, go for a quick swim, go to yoga class, go to dinner, and am in bed by 9:30. The heat is incredible, and the sea is so warm I never have to get out because I’m cold. Last night’s yoga on the balcony was visited by a bat.

My thoughts are simplified to present tense, and I spend a lot of time thinking about the correct form of the verb “to be”. “That is a flower.” “Those women are from Cuba.” “I am tired”. Which I am. I’m taking it slow this morning, it’s unbelievably hot already and I’m tired of changing my shirt 4 times a day.

Here are some photos though:

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